Review of CubeCraft Detail Paint Brush Set for Watercolor, Acrylic, Oil & Face Paint – 11 Paint Brushes w

I recieved an email, inviting me to test and review out these amazing paintbrushes at a discounted price. My first impression on recieving them was, wow these look like a very nice set of detailed brush set this was obvious by just looking at how they were made. Upon using them, they performed just like I thought. One feature I like about these brushes is It comes with a variety of shapes and sizes and I found it covered all areas of minor details I needed to cover in my painting. This set includes the following brush sizes:

✔ Filbert – Sizes 9, 4
✔ Angle – Sizes 12, 10, 5, 2
✔ Round – Sizes 8, 7, 3, 1, 1/0
✔ Flat – Sizes 11, 6
✔ Fan – Size 0
✔ Rigger – Size 3/0

I liked the variety and the fact that there were so many to chose from. There was always a brush that was exactly what I needed. Next feature I would like to mention is these brushes pick up the paint really well, and are very flexible about how much paint you pick up. They’re super easy to pick up tiny amounts of paint for a loose feel, as well as picking up a denser amount of paint for that bold, vibrant effect. You can also tell that the bristles are of high quality–there are no stray hairs sticking out and the hairs don’t fall out either. Additionally, the bristles are super soft and flow amazingly well and deliver an even coat of paint everytime ive used them. They hold up well and are lightweight, but sturdy. My favorites so far at a reasonable price. These brushes are very versatile so if you are looking for a great set of watercolor brushes, face paint brushes, acrylic paint brushes and even oil paint brushes, I recommend trying these out. You can purchase these by clicking the following link at the bottom of the post. Finally, i would like to add they have a care guide on there website that will help you understand exactly how to care for your new detail brush set, so that they will last longer, and perform better. Lastly, the best feature is they offer a lifetime guarantee. The website Let the painting begin!!!

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