Hardest Part is Starting

So…I’ve been stuck, because I wanted to make a great first post….. it’s been quite a few months it’s held me back…. so I decided tonight, that I would say screw it and I’m just going to write like I would if it were my personal  journal…no editing..simple…and to the point…well kinda, I’m good at rambling too! That’s how i believe a blog should be, and thats what im going to continue to do!!! It will definitly be written by the true me, no censorship, editing, or fake entries…Because of this you may need to be patient with me, or sometimes my posts may seem like I’m talking about 3 different things, but believe me there will be a conclusion to all the three things…LOL Let’s just blame it on my adult ADHD!!!! Well I will at least its always felt like an understandable excuse🙂

Since we got that introduction over with, let me explain what I plan on blogging about or my goal here. This may change down the line cause I’m quite random. So I’ll rephrase that…..this current goal of this blog is to provide you with many DIY ideas and crafts. With misc posts probably on frugal finds, cleaning, organizing and we’ll anything I find that I can share with you to help in saving, crafting, or making life easier. Main focus of course will be DIY crafts.

Phew, that’s done, I guess it wasn’t as hard as I thought if I just write as me. I hope you can get something out of what I’m gonna write or share, I figure if I like it there’s got to be someone else that will, or someone else it will help like it did for me.

Ohhh and if you need any craft supplies please check out my shop.

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