​I’m seeing shaggy and furry home decor items everywhere!  I think furry decorative accents are a fun and unexpected way to warm up your home during the winter.  Instead of indulging in expensive store bought pillows, you can quickly make your own for just a few dollars.  Darice has lots of different styles of craft fur available so you have many options for making your DIY faux fur pillow decor.


  • Darice Long Pile Fur – Black
  • Darice Luxury Fur – White
  • Pillow Insert or Stuffing
  • Needle and Thread
  • Paint Brush
  • Fabric Paint in Gold GlitterStep 1.  Brush gold glitter paint in random spots over the white fur.  I used a paint that is made for fabric so that it will have a soft feel and so that it won’t crack or flake off.  Let the paint dry completely.
    Step 2.  Place the two fur sheets with the furry side facing each other.  Make sure that the pile is facing in the same direction for both sheets.

    Step 3.  Pin three of the sides together.  Leave the side with the fur sticking down unpinned.

    Step 4.  Sew the three sides together.  I opted to hand sew them since the fabric is plush.

    Step 5.  Remove the pins and flip the fabric inside out to reveal the furry side.

    Step 6.  Stuff your DIY faux fur pillow with a ready made pillow insert or pillow filler.

  • Step 7.  Pin the open end of the pillow together, and sew the end shut.  The fur on the end will hide the seam perfectly!

    See a close up of the DIY faux fur pillow steps below.

    The great thing about working with craft fur is that your seams and sewing don’t have to be picture perfect.  Since the fur will mask any errors, this project makes for a great “first” sewing project for teens and anyone new to sewing home decor.  Have fun crafting and creating furry home decor this winter!

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